The 21st Century Challenges Dialogue Series

In line with its mission, the Centre for Public Policy Alternatives is currently consulting with key stakeholders on questions pertinent to Nigeria’s challenges for the 21st Century. Funded by the Ford Foundation, the video recordings of the interviews, youth forums, policy dialogues and stakeholder sessions will be screened through media houses and on selected websites to elicit reaction and generate public debate. Click here to learn more…


Economic Growth and Women Empowerment in Nigeria and Ghana

Globally, fewer women are involved in economic activities compared to men. And since economic growth among women is inextricably linked to empowerment, this may mean fewer women are empowered. To understand the status quo, and encourage women in Sub-Saharan Africa to participate in economic activities to engender empowerment, the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada in partnership with the Urban Institute in Washington D.C. is funding an economic growth research focused on women empowerment in Nigeria and Ghana; it has commissioned AndChristie Foundation/CPPA Nigeria as the Principal Project Lead and CDD Ghana as a sub contractor. AndChristie Foundation/CPPA Nigeria will assess the influence of economic growth on women empowerment via labour market participation, and conduct a review of the national accounts of the two economies.

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