A Policy Brief on the Nigerian Criminal Justice System

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The Nigerian criminal justice system is fundamentally flawed  and the problem is represented at every processing point on the entire criminal justice system line – from the failure of governance institutions to design a suitable criminal justice policy that serves the current need of the country, to the inability of the legislature to appropriately transform policies into laws, from an  oddly designed judicial system plagued by massive corruption, incompetence and crippling bureaucratic bottlenecks to an  outdated and counterproductive style of policing and a  correctional services that inhumanely warehouses those considered ‘innocent’ by the very law of the society.

Criminal justice, because it addresses behavioral issues, must be dynamic, proactive and culturally relevant and more importantly, criminal justice system because of its centrality to governance, has a far reaching effect on economic productivity, social cohesion and the rule of law. Read More… Criminal Justice System

Tosin Osasona writes from Lagos, Nigeria


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