The Centre for Public Policy Alternatives (CPPA) is an independent, non-partisan public policy think-tank committed to rigorous research through which public policies are examined and best practices disseminated. CPPA aims to help sub-Saharan African governments, institutions, and businesses create innovative policy solutions to development challenges.

CPPA promotes proactive research with the goal of:

  • Strengthening the decision-making capacity of government by transmitting policy-relevant information derived from high-quality research and analysis to policymakers.
  • Creating an informed citizenry through public education about key issues and choices.
  • Facilitating dialogue between policymakers and their constituencies.
  • Identifying, articulating and evaluating current or emerging issues and providing alternative solutions.
  • Serving as an informed and independent voice in policy debates.
  • Providing a constructive forum for the exchange of ideas and information between key stakeholders in the policy formulation process.
  • Ensuring continuity of programs even after departure of development partners or program funders.

Capacity building and training are at the core of CPPA’s focus, cutting across the areas of governance, energy, food, and health. We draw on a strong network of local & international scholars and practitioners to inform civil servants, public agencies, politicians, and civil society groups as to best practices in public sector management. Training programs reflect our emphasis on analytical thinking and innovation.


To promote responsive and evidence-based policy-making
in Nigeria and the sub-region.


Robust and data-driven policy-making that is based on informed engagement between West African policy-makers and their constituencies.

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