Evidence in support of your application

1 Introduction
2 Achievement
3 Analytical Thinking
4 Entrepreneurship
5 Flexibility
6 Self Awareness
7 Personal Confidence
8 Team Work
9 Inter-Cultural Competence
10 Relationship Building For Influence
11 Sign & Send Application
  • To ensure that all applicants are treated consistently, we require you to complete the table below in support of your application. Please complete the appropriate column against:

     Behavioural competencies
     Skills, knowledge, and experience
     Specialist qualification required for this post

    listed in the right column, your answer can either be a practical example from previous projects or work experience demonstrating the skills listed above for each competency. It must not exceed 200 words and should cover:

    i. the circumstances (nature of the problem or objective) and impact (this should not be more than a brief sentence or two)
    ii. behavioral evidence, i.e. what you actually did.

    Completing the form will help you understand better, attributes required by CPPA. The exercise will also help you decide whether you will be a good fit the position advertised. Evidence can be from private or work experience. Evidence in excess of 200 words will not be assessed. Before completing this table you should also read the attached job description. Your CV will not be used to make selection decisions but should be attached

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