Stakeholder Engagement and Dissemination Seminar on the Public Policy Implications of Wealth and Income Inequality in Nigeria

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The Centre For Public Policy Alternatives (CPPA) held a dissemination seminar on “the Public Policy Implications of Wealth and Income Inequality in Nigeria” at the Ford Foundation in Lagos, Nigeria on October 11. The aim of the seminar was to share results of a study on inequality carried out by the CPPA and drive a conversation around some of the causes and manifestations of inequality in Nigeria. It was part of a dialogue series on the 21st century challenges of African economies, generously funded by the Ford foundation. Other themes within the wider conversation of 21st century challenges in Nigeria include population, education, youth and Institutions. This event, however, focused in the challenge of inequality.


The speaker at the event; Professor Melvin Ayogu,Visiting Senior Fellow-in-Residence at CPPA, presented the findings of a recent study conducted by the think tank which, showed that Nigeria and many other African countries were not investing enough in human capital; specifically, education and health. He stressed that these two areas were key to creating wealth, closing the inequality gap and setting the country on the path of sustainable growth. The CPPA study presented at the seminar gives evidence which explains Nigeria’s poor HDI ranking and provides policy solutions.  The seminar was thus an opportunity to engage stakeholders on  how to change the course for the country.

Summary of the research can be found at:


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