[text_output]CPPA’s core research areas are governance & political economy, energy & the environment, health, and food & agribusiness.  In each area, CPPA aims to strengthen governments’ decision-making, facilitate dialogue between policymakers and their constituencies, and provide a constructive forum for the exchange of ideas between key stakeholders in the policy formulation process.[/text_output]


CPPA generates high-quality qualitative and quantitative research to guide policymakers, civil society actors, and multi-lateral agencies/donors who seek to improve existing policies and/or implement new programmes to strengthen governance structures.[/text_output][recent_posts type=”post” count=”2″ orientation=”vertical” no_image=”true” category=”governance-political-economy”]



CPPA’s energy policy research emphasizes balance between investment/commercial interests and environmental sustainability. We explore synergies in new energy technologies and contextualize emerging policies within both local and global markets.[/text_output][recent_posts type=”post” count=”2″ orientation=”vertical” no_image=”true” category=”energy-environment”]



CPPA conducts research geared towards providing policymakers with information needed to transform medical institutions/processes and improve health outcomes.[/text_output][recent_posts type=”post” count=”2″ orientation=”vertical” no_image=”true” category=”health”]



CPPA aims to provide governments, institutions, and businesses with the data required to plan for the required rise in food production necessary to feed Africa’s growing population.[/text_output][recent_posts type=”post” count=”2″ orientation=”vertical” no_image=”true” category=”food-agribusiness”]

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